Shockwave Seat Suspension S5 - Matte Black

Shockwave Seat Suspension S5 - Matte Black

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The SHOCKWAVE S5 fits on virtually any boat and seat, allowing boats of any size or design to benefit from suspension seating on the water. It is easily and quickly installed and can be mounted on a riser box or pedestal with minimal effort.

With the S5, boaters can feel confident in a range of sea states. You’ll find there is reduced impact on the body allowing you to travel farther with less physical fatigue.

  • Simple Robust Construction with Minimal Parts Count 
  • Lightweight (9.1kg) 
  • High-Pressure Die-Cast Aluminum Components 
  • 316 Stainless Steel Hardware 
  • High Life Cycle Delrin Bushings 
  • Military Spec Powdercoat Finish 
  • Plates Pre-Drilled and Positioned to Fit Virtually Any Boat or Seat 
  • Fully Adjustable RockShox Shock Absorber for All Payloads and Sea Conditions
  • External Bump Stop Protection 
  • Surge Protection: Suspension Travel is 4-inch Vertical and 1.5-inch Forward
  • Adjustable Rebound Rate
Part NumberTypeColourSHOCKWAVE Code
SWV-183050 Susoension Pedestal Matte Black SW-05026