Folding Upholstered Seats - "Ensign"

Folding Upholstered Seats - "Ensign"

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Low cost fully padded and upholstered folding seats Ideal for small runabouts. Comfortable generous foam padding and marine grade vinyl upholstery.

Aluminium non-pinch hinges and a vinyl retaining strap with press stud.

  • Folding seats with aluminium non-pinch hinges
  • Comfortable seat, economically priced
  • Reinforced plastic base
  • Generous foam padding for comfort
  • Marine grade vinyl upholstery
  • Vinyl retaining strap with press stud closure
  • Includes S/S screw pack to mount a seat swivel
  • A 3 colour combinations available

CLASS A This seat is designed for occupancy while the boat is underway at any speed so long as it is mounted according to the CLASS AD (Driver) standard. Learn more about boat seat standards

Boat Seat

RWB-5088 Ivory White / Dark Blue Trim 400mm 480mm 450mm
RWB-5089 Dark Blue / Ivory White Trim 400mm 480mm 450mm
RWB-5090 Light Grey / Grey Trim 400mm 480mm 450mm