Vetus Vetus Seaman Boat Seat

Vetus "Seaman" Boat Seat

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This classy mahogany brown marine chair is roomy and features extra padding to make those long journeys more comfortable. Its ergonomically shaped flip-up roll keeps you firmly in place, whether you sit or stand behind the wheel.

The anodized aluminium hinges are finger-safe and match perfectly to the padded aluminium armrest to give you support when needed. With its neo-classic look and feel, the SEAMAN complements both the classic boats and modern vessels.

When installed externally use seat cover VTS-CCDS or VTS-CCSB to keep the seat clean (sold separately).

CLASS A This seat is designed for occupancy while the boat is underway at any speed so long as it is mounted according to the CLASS AD (Driver) standard. Learn more about boat seat standards

Pedestal type Slide only
Armrests Yes
Flip up seat Yes
Folding backrest No
Material frame Aluminium
Color Mahogany brown
Color seams White
Size D1 see drawing (mm) 590
Size D2 see drawing (mm) 530
Size H1 see drawing (mm) 610
Size H2 see drawing (mm) 490
Size W1 see drawing (mm) 590
Size W2 see drawing (mm) 435
Size ØT see drawing (mm) 730
Hole pattern (see drawing) R